Budgeting is essential for taking control of your finances but sometimes, you’ve got bigger goals: Enjoying a weekly dinner reservation at the hippest spot in town. Taking an extra weekend trip with someone special. Treating yourself without breaking open the piggy bank. 

That’s where finding some extra cash can come in handy. And fortunately for you, there are a few side hustles that don’t require a ton of extra time or energy that you can do in your spare time.

What are these magic money-makers? Let’s take a peek:


1. Reselling old clothing/home items

We all have clothes we don’t wear anymore and unused items around the house that seemed like a great idea when we bought them. Reselling excess stuff can free up space in your home and bring in some extra cash.

There are apps specifically for reselling clothes and home goods, and you might find an online marketplace for your community. Check around, snap some pictures of your items, and cash in!

2. Secret shopping

Secret shopping is a fun way to visit stores you love and bring in some extra cash. Secret shoppers help companies determine whether their stores are functioning the way they should and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Not only are you helping out, but you can get paid up to $25 per hour to be a secret shopper—and sometimes, you get to keep the food or products on top of getting paid for your time! If you enjoy trying out new stores, shopping, and eating out, a secret shopper side hustle is for you. 

3. Testing products and services

In addition to having secret shoppers evaluate their stores, companies also pay people to review their products and services. Many platforms will connect you to companies that need testers and reviewers, and these gigs have a pay scale similar to secret shopper roles. 

If staying at home and testing new products—like apps, websites, and gaming systems—sounds fun, look into becoming a reviewer! Another perk? As with secret shopping, you often get to keep the items you review! 

There you have it: three easy, quick ways to start bringing in some extra cash. One last thing to remember: keep track of your earnings throughout the year so you can accurately report your extra income during tax season!



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