Financial Wellness Center


Nov 02, 2017

[VIDEO] Financial Wellness Program

Watch this video to learn more about Pensionmark’s Financial Wellness Program. The Program includes the following:

Personal Financial Portal (PFP) – A simple and secure online location where you can monitor key financial components of your life, track spending habits, create budgets, and access a series of workshops designed to help you understand if you are on-track to meet your financial goals. The PFP is also available on mobile devices.

Employee Gap/Needs Analysis – Provides personalized tools to help you manage your progress toward your financial goals and if needed, offers ideas on how you can adjust your financial strategy.

Toll-free Employee Call Center – Access to fully-licensed bilingual specialists. Available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Employee Retire Connect – Consists of a comprehensive suite of deliverables including newsletters, webinars, market updates, and more to help you stay updated on retirement and market trends. Retirement plan educational videos (in English and Spanish) are also available.

Online Financial Wellness Center – Provides articles, financial calculators, educational videos, and more.

Group Educational Seminars & One-On-One Employee Consultations – Offers a wide variety of topics that may be delivered on-site or via webinar by licensed Pensionmark representatives. Also offers a more in-depth and personalized education experience for you through individual meetings.

Social Media – Provides the most up-to-date retirement plan news, event announcements, articles, and a wealth of other informative content.


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