The Personal Financial Portal (PFP) offers you a simple and secure location where you can monitor the financial components of your life, allowing you to make more informed investment and lifestyle decisions. A few highlights of the PFP include:

• Monitoring Accounts (updated in real-time) in one secure location

• Tracking Spending Habits, monitoring cash flow, creating budgets, and comparing assets against goals

• Workshops on spending and investing

• Mobile Access on your smartphone

• Reports on cash flow, retirement, investments, and more

• Tracking Rewards such as frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards, and credit card points

• Alerts to let you know of important changes in your accounts

The PFP employs the most advanced security features and protocols to ensure the protection of your individual accounts. It is a non-transactional system; this means that your money cannot be moved, withdrawn, or accessed through the site. Account passwords are not accessible to anyone but you and all data is stored at Sungard Data Systems, one of the largest data hosting companies in the world.

The PFP will assist us in helping our clients make informed investment and lifestyle decisions with up-to-date and accurate financial information.